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Program 27 October

The overall aim of the Mobile Unconference: sharing knowledge with (inter-) national developers on the latest tech changes and tech ambitions in the mobile ecosystem. This time with a cross-over theme: Safety & Security during Crisis-situations and BIG Events.

So NGO’s, companies, governmental organizations and research institutions in the field with a mobile heartbeat and looking for innovation are invited too. This is all done in an informal setting where every visitor has the possibility to go on stage. These institutions have already given their support and will be there: TNO, Hague Security Delta, Politie Nederland, HIVOS, Rode Kruis, Landelijk SOS ALARM hulpdiensten, Cordaid, Incontrolsim, MICROSOFT, Centre for Safety & development, gemeente Den Haag, gemeente Tilburg en gemeente Assen.
Question *1

Picture this: in a crisis you have to create situation awareness. For yourself and your team. There are number of sources available, but how to access them quickly, combine them with other sources and decide on reliability of the information? What support is there to compile one “picture” (words, photo’s, maps) that you can share with your partners?

Question *2

What are the possibilities and challenges for realtime intelligence during a crisis and for the tools to support different actors in the field, in the crisisroom, in the mayorsoffice?

Question *3:

Picture this: comfort, resolution, tracking, software, ergonomics, optics, industrial design, and the overall Virtual Reality experience are combined to make way for serious games and incident experience.
What possible applications could there be for Oculus Rift, Google Glass and other tools?

For Whom?

Anyone can come, as a speaker or just as a guest. Sessions can be submitted before or during the MobUnc. Sessions will be scheduled based on popularity. Sessions can be presentations, workshops or group discussions. No product pitches! The results; cool stories, creative ideas, new business connections, fresh insights, a good lunch, nice drinks and a good laugh.

We expect 150 participants (approximately 50% developers) to join the Mobile Unconference. Traditionally 80% of the visitors are from the organizing country. In the past we had guests from Japan, Canada, UK, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

The Mobile Unconference starts at 10:30. We have a lunchbreak at 13:00 and end the sessions at 17:00.