Register now for Mobile Unconference 13th April

The next Mobile Unconference on April 13th 2015. For the seventh time, the event will be organized in The Hague at the Koninklijke Schouwburg from 10:00 – 13:00. Lunch included! This time with special connection to Journalism. ┬áThis is a special pre-program of De Tegel, the Dutch Oscars in journalism.

Our goals are to bring (inter-) national developers together to exchange knowledge and discuss the latest technologies and changes in the mobile ecosystem. For the second time we make a special connection with another field of expertise: Media & Journalism. So media-companies, NVJ, NVOJ, SvdJ, research institutions and journalists with a mobile heartbeat and mobile-tech/gaming companies with special interest in bringing innovation to media and journalism are invited too. This is all done in an informal setting where every visitor has the possibility to go on stage.

Attendees already registered from:
Aljazeera, NOS, RTL, Spektor, FreePressUnlimited, Prospektor, Butch & Sundance.

Picture this: In order to understand how the mafia works, you take on the role of an undercover cop posing as a globe-trotting drug trafficker. You answer questions about sex education to continue a strip tease performed by a model. To better understand the teachings of major philosophers, you engage in a battle of theories with them. Though it may sound like a joke, video games are gaining traction as a new way to deliver information on news, current events and education.

What stories can be transformed into Newsgames?

Picture this: comfort, resolution, tracking, software, ergonomics, optics, industrial design, and the overall Virtual Reality experience are combined with journalistic content, maximum experience combined with maximum content.

What possible applications could there be for Oculus Rift and Google Glass to give way to journalists to tell their stories?

Picture this: Great stories find their way to newschannels, bookstores and theatres, for example about the credit crunch. Many platforms are compatible with great journalism but not all are being exploited.

Is the credit crunch story a moneymaking app or game? Or the betting scandal in Soccer?